Wheelchair Accessible Taxis In Eastcote

Eastcote Minicabs welcome the customers who desires for our assistance. We have the variety of Taxis with Wheelchair Access. Our taxis are neat and clean and weather controlled among the other Taxis organizations. Safety is the first rule of our firm and we take care while driving the passenger with wheelchair. Our drivers have first aid skill and have the first aid kit in the taxis. We have the best customer care skills and we will escort you right from the home and help you carefully into the Taxis.

Our driver will help in the fastening of seat belt the patient and check all the safety measures, our drivers are licensed by TFL and have the best driving skills in the area of London. Our drivers are cleared by CRB/DBS and have the facts of the all regions. You can have the taxis on your home entrance any time we have the instant taxi service in area call us now or use our Mobile app.